Removal Protocol:Sabre

  • Unreleased Mobile/Console Game
  • Unreal 4

Removal Protocol Sabre, is an endless runner style game viewed from a first person perspective. The game takes place in space where the player is on a spacecraft with a fixed flight path. From the view of the cockpit, the player is challenged with continuous twitch encounters as obstacles enter the players flight path with quick countdown timers before impact. The player plays a minigame of rock paper scissor to resolve each encounter.

I worked on this game with a small group of individuals including Justin Dabbs who helped with the original Design and Programming, Nathan Bowhay for in game tools and game programming, Jan Kaluza for Visual FX assistance and additional programming, and Henry Yamada for art Direction. .

On this project I worked as a Gameplay Designer,Level Designer, Technical artist as well as a Director overseeing both the Art and Gameplay and tool development.