Grabbity was made for an Unreal 4 game jam for the theme "Spring into the future"...We had 3.5 days to fully develop this game. The object of this game is to aim in a direction and charge your jump from platform to platform with skilled angles and shots without falling down to the abyss bellow.

I worked with a small team including Jan Kaluza for intial game design assistance and programming, Bartosz Kamol Kaminski for Audio Engineering, Yoeri Vleer with VFX assistance, Adrian Martuneac with quick 3D assistance on the Egg and Skydome, and Henry Yamada for the concept of the Robot Rabbit and quick art suggestions during the production.

Shortly after this game jam ,we were announced as the winners and decided to make this game into a full game release at a future date...

I worked on all the 3D artwork , Game Design and level design for this project.