This was a team based project with the entire studio, utilizing the tech of unreal technology.My role in this project was spanned between a few roles In the original tech demo we worked on was a intro cut scene that showed many different extreme adventures the player had.
Worked on the mountain mesh + shader to simulate snow effects, modeled flag pole + flag
*intergrations of assets
In the Showcase room , I worked on The Giant A" And the shader for the plant look, I also worked on the side building, retextured the Giant A in the center platform, and worked on the side dock walking platform, and the helicopters hook claw.
In the River area I had to rework a boat that was literally broken in half remodel it to be a whole ship rebake and retexture, and setup the shader for the goldish color it had.
I also helped with many of the intergrations and 2ndary passes of meshes to optimize them to run on the xbox kinect correctly.
Click Here For A Video of the intro cut scene!
Click Here For A Video of The showcase room!